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Report 1: Ottawa ON to Ocala FL


Our originally-planned route was to cross to the USA at Gananoque ON, travel down the I-85 to the I-95, which runs down to Florida along the US east coast, east of the Allegheny mountains. At the last minute, because of advice we received about traffic on the I-95, we changed the route. Our 'Plan-B' was to take the 401 to Windsor ON and then take the I-75, which runs from Detroit to Florida west of the Alleghenies. The night before we left we again changed our minds, this time on advice about traffic problems on the 401 through the Toronto area. We did not want to get into stop-and-go traffic on our first few days of driving a big RV.

So, we went from Ottawa Hwy-31 (Bank Street), down highway 401 to the Gananoque ON border crossing. From there we went south on I-81 along the Lake Ontario east shore to Syracuse, then went westerly along I-90 south of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to Cleveland OH. Had we been earlier in the year and had the weather been nicer, we would have taken roads right along the shore of the Great Lakes instead of the interstate. At Cleveland we took the I-71 southwest to Cincinnati OH, where we joined the I-75 to Ocala FL.