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Report 2: Ocala FL to San Antonio TX

Route: First we drove back north on I-75 from Ocala to Alachua, then went west on US-27 to Perry. From Perry to Milton we drove west along US-98 (the scenic route along the gulf) then north on US-87. We took the I-10 through Alabama into Mississippi, as we wanted to make some miles; we'd had enough of stop and go driving for a while, the scenery notwithstanding. We then turned north on US-49 to Saucier, not wanting to spend another night at an RV-hell park at the side of the road. The drive West on I-10 through New Orleans was uncharacteristically interesting for an interstate, as it took us through some of the worst hurricane Katrina devastation. From New Orleans to San Antonio was straight down the I-10.